The Student Choice Initiative played an integral role in the creation of Orientation Week this year.
 Being mindful of the mandate, it allowed us to revisit some of our current practices and help identify what would serve best for the incoming students. Our vision was to provide students with an equitable and inclusive experience. This was done by identifying high-profile programming and tailoring it to our unique student demographic. This included but was not limited to: Paint Night, Movie Night in RAC Courtyard, Bus to Waterloo, Shinerama Dodgeball tournament, Carnival, and Paint party to list a few. 
In result, we consistently saw around 150-500+ students at events dropping in, participating, or spectating throughout the week. O-Week 2019 captured many moments, experiences, and memories which really set the tone for the incoming year. 

In the words of the VP: PSB, “O-Week was a MOVIE”
A big thank you goes out to our photographer for the week: Paris Lad
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