Platform Summary:
Centralized Online Information:
University is hard, finding the information you need to succeed shouldn’t be. My goal is to collaborate with different departments and campus partners to create one simplified and centralized online location for all Students’ Union services and information. This also includes online trackers for busy spaces on campus, mental health resources and food services. 
Vending Machines:
 My goal is to have a vending machine stocked with school supplies on each campus to be used when the bookstore is closed, and to have healthier options put into the current vending machines on each campus. 
Programming and Services:
 My goal is to enhance programming and services on both campus. The first initiative I have, concerns events on campus, I would like to increase nighttime programming during orientation week, and offer enhanced Students’ Union programming for other special events. Another initiative is an on-campus delivery service for Wilf’s in Waterloo and improvements to food services offered on the Brantford campus. My final programming and services initiative is an allocated amount of free printing for students on both campuses. 
Platform Points:
Live tracker system for high traffic spaces on campus
Online mental health resources
Centralized online information system for the Students’ Union
School supply vending machine
Healthy options in existing vending machines
Enhanced Students’ Union programming
Wilf’s delivery service on-campus
Improved Brantford food services
Free printing
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