Laurier’s Food Bank on the Waterloo campus had an incredibly successful year. More than 900 food parcels were distributed this year, which is more than double of previous years. Our Hot Meal program continued to support students while new programming was also a hit. Some new events include “Pack your own parcel” which saw great turnouts. Laurier’s Food Bank would not be possible without the generous support of our community members supporting our food drives and our campus partners who collect donations for us. 
Food Bank Brantford was extremely successful this year. This year’s team stockpiled 390 requests! Every event saw a record high in participant turnout, which resulted in numerous trips to FreshCo to supply for the high demand. Food Bank’s social media presence was another highlight for the year, as they amassed 230 followers in a short time of existence. Their content included numerous promotional campaigns, and events that went on this year. A key component of their success came from the dedication and hard work put in from the coordinator and setting up her team for success.
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