Foot Patrol Waterloo has a lot to celebrate this year. The service focused lots of efforts on promotions, advertising, social media engagement and recruitment. Overall, walk numbers went up this year and so were volunteer numbers. Increased volunteer engagement allowed for a more consistent service this year. The service had great turn out at events like Foot-a-Palooza and Night Hawks where they exceeded their walk goals for the week.
Foot Patrol Brantford was business as usual this year with a total of 493 walks/drives this year. 
With the addition of increased volunteer numbers, social media engagement, and event frequency. Foot Patrol used the success of their campaigns and promotions to take on a holistic approach to student safety, and awareness. This year the coordinator was tasked to be creative with regards to incentivizing the service. Of which, they proposed a loyalty card system to be put in place to increase usage, and rewards those who do. This kicked off in February and we are optimistic for it to be continued and enhanced over the next couple of years.
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