A reflection from Chair of The Board, Owen Bourrie:

We had a voter turnout of 15.13% which was good, but definitely lower than expected. I think was this due to the fact that we didn’t have a lot of candidates running for president and the candidates didn’t seem make a lot of “noise” that would normally draw a lot of attention to elections.
We also had an acclaimed BOD which really decreased the need for candidates to really put themselves out there and campaign and draw people’s attention to elections. We were also hindered by the fact that all faculty elections were a yes or no vote which had the same negative effect that an acclaimed BOD had. We also had a lot of people running for various positions so we weren’t able to draw a more diverse group of people from different social clicks.
On the flip side, our Krispy Kreme incentives did very well and got a lot more people to vote in person than in previous year. I also think that our social media presence was very strong due to the various incentives we had; students seemed very receptive to that.
Official 2020 Elections Results
Students' Union President & CEO
Devyn Kelly, 69.02% (1872 votes) Leah Xuereb, 30.98% (855 votes)
Threshold: 1363 votes needed to win
Board of Directors
1. Ty Thomas (435 votes)
2. Lauren Rutherford (334 votes)
3. Kayla Han (301 votes)
4. Ezra Ceniti (221 votes)
5. Andrew Dang (201 votes)
6. Justin Doolittle (182 votes)
7. Ibrahim Musa (177 votes)
8. Christy Francis (146 votes)
9. Sameed Hussain (116 votes) 
10. Shane Symington (86 votes) 
11. Osman Alwi (132 votes) 
12. Akshat Shah (106 votes)
Waterloo Senate
1. Pegah Jamalof (472 votes)
2. Christy Francis (344 votes)
3. Andrew Dang (352 votes)
4. Ibrahim Musa (271 votes)
5. Nicholas Quintyn (246 votes)
Brantford Senate
1. Josh Smith
Board of Governors

1. Pegah Jamalof (603 votes)
Referendum Questions:
Question 1: Do you support the selection of KPMG as the auditors for the Students' Union for the 2019/2020 fiscal year?
Result: Yes (84%)
Question 2: Do you support authorizing the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union Board of Directors to consider increases to the Students’ Union Health and Dental Plan fees? Increases may only be considered at the request of the Students’ Union President and Chief Executive Officer based on a reasonable need to stabilize premium adjustments and will not exceed 8% beyond the cost of inflation.
Result: No (57%)
Question 3: Do you approve the following change to the Constitution (by-law) of the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union? Revise of Article IV – Board of Directors Section 7b.
Result: Yes (85%)
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