Shinerama on the Waterloo campus was thrilled to be named the top fundraising school in Canada for the fourth year in a row. In 2019, the committee raised a total of $131,014.78 for CF Canada, over $40,000 of that came on Shine Day which was a successful end to Orientation Week. Shinerama introduced new events this year, including welcoming podcast host and CF Champion Jeremie Saunders as our Shine Time speaker which was well received by students. Shinerama ended their year by raising enough money to purchase their own BBQ which will save hundreds of dollars on future BBQ rentals. Shinerama is helping the effort to make CF one day stand for Cure Found #BlingBling

Being the second year that Shinerama has been a programming committee, their top priority was spreading awareness. This was done through many social media campaigns, boothing events, and unique marketing techniques. In result, they gained approximately 130 followers on their Instagram page! What stood out the most for Shine this year were the facilitation of events, and partnerships they built this year. A few marquee events Shine hosted this year are as follows: Halloween Costume Party, Shine for the Holidays, and Valen-Shine’s Week. They made key partnerships that further increased awareness on campus including: Shinerama Dodgeball tournament in O-Week, introduced a new speaker that is living with Cystic Fibrosis, Photos for Shine at Beer Fest, and Fashion for Freedom. Shine raised over $6,000 throughout O-Week and the year. An additional $2,000 was raised in ticket sales from Fashion for Freedom. We are extremely proud of the coordinator (who was also Coordinator of the Year) and her team in building a foundation of spreading awareness and having fun while doing it.
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